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Follow FIFA Seasons online matches, statistics, and leadboards.FIFA Seasons is a tool that will allow you to keep up to date with your FIFA 14 results, and your friend’s results too, statistics and standings for ranked online matches in the exce!llent game from Electronic Arts, this tool currently supports FIFA14, and we'll be waiting for the upcoming FIFA15 just like you would expect.** THIS IS AN APPLICATION NOT A GAME, YOU CAN USE IT IF YOU HAVE A COPY OF THE GAME FOR EITHER XBOX360, PS3 OR PC **Current Features:-- Latest season matches details.- Global Leaderboard for each platform.- Compare players.- Detailed statistics for each player.Features in development:-- Ability to share you records directly to social media channels.This app will be available for iPhone, but we thought we better start with our android friends!Please note that we're not affiliated with EA in any way. This is a game made by fans of the game for other fans of the game.This App uses EA’s publicly shared API, so in case that you couldn’t retrieve your data instantly, please be patient while we try to catch up with the changes.Legal Disclaimer: This app is not an official app or connected to the game’s developer or publisher. All in-game descriptions, logos, characters, locations and imagery are copyright to their respective owners, and usage for this game guide fal!ls within fair use guidelines and/or in accordance with the license which they were released.


由Electronic Arts制作的足球竞技游戏《FIFA 21》已经正式发售,但是由于本次上线Steam为锁国区,很多国区的玩家想要购置却在Steam商店搜索不到,迅游加速器接下来为大家带来成功购置的方法以及上线消息一览。而且迅游加速器流畅支持《FIFA 21》下载和联机加速,助力列位玩家流畅游戏。



想要成功购置《FIFA 21》的话,首先需要玩家们预备一个Steam非国区账号,在主页右上角点击账号后选择察看账户明细,进入后可以察看自己地点的国度/地域。使用非国区账号登录Steam而且同时使用迅游加速器加速Steam商店,加速之后打开Steam商店即可成功购置《FIFA 21》。

《FIFA 21》尺度版售价469港元(约405.15人!民币)/59.99美元(约401.63元);冠军版售价629港元(约543.37元)/79.99美元(约535.53元);最终版售价789港元(约681.58元)/99.99美元(约669.42元)。游戏支持官方中文、中文讲授,支持单人、线上线下互助。

《FIFA 21》现已正式上线,假如列位玩家在Xbox、Switch和Origin!等平台碰到下载速率慢等问题时,提议大家使用迅游加速器加速之后进行下载。迅游加速器支持《FIFA 21》各平台下载加速以及游戏联机加速,助力列位玩家超低延时流畅游戏。


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