1. We would be glad to receive your _lowest possible_ export prices on the basis of CIF Shanghai.

2. We are _well-established_ exporters of all kinds of Chinese goods.

3._ Having been in business_for more than 30 years, we are conf!ident we can give our customers complete satisfaction.

4.We should consider the said firm quite reliable for ____A___ engagement as you mentioned.

A.such an B.such as C.such a D.such like

5.We must have the goods not later than 20th October ___D____ our stock is running short.

A.when B.that C.which D.as

6.The export sewing machines ____C___ in stout water-proof material!!,and _______ in pairs in light-weight crates.

A.are wrapped…being packedB.are wrapping…packing

C.are wrapped…packedD.being wrapped…are packed

7.Of all the solutions to the disputes,the one proposed by Mr.Jackson is ____C___.

A.the most perfectB.most perfect

C.the most nearly perfectD.the perfects

8.Information about the current foreign markets ___A____ very important to our company.

A.isB.was C.areD.were

9.____D___in the labor market,he has enrolled in a computer course.

A.Be competitiveB.Being more competitive

C.Being competitiveD.To be more competitive

10.Our Accounts Receivable Department has written to you three times;___D____,we have had no response to our letters.

A.consequently B.moreover C.thus D.however

11.Send your questions to Mary Adams,____A___ is the director of Public Relations,for a quick reply.


12.The numbers in the key do not correspond ___B____ those in the lessons.

A.for B.to C.onD.at

13.The trading company ____D___ a big loss raised a claim against the exporter.

A.be suffered B.suffered C.to sufferD.suffering

14.A chart showing all staff positions and responsibilities __A____ prepared by the Vice President.

A.was B.has C.wereD.have

15.This year's sales in many companies were lower than ____A___.

A.lat year's B.which of last year's C.last yearD.in last year

16.The person to win this year's Business Man is thought to be ___B____.

A.his B.he C.themD.they

17.Our two____D___(Certificated Public Accountants) both asked for leave of absences in June.

A.CPAS B.C.P.A.s C.cpasD.CPAs

18.Were both your ____C___ cars ticketed on the same day?

A.sister-in-law's B.sisters'-in-law C.sisters-in-law'sD.sister's-in-law

19.Because____C___ renters demanded our rights,a com!mittee was appointed to study the matter further.

A.us B.them C.weD.it's

20.Salaries for temporary positions seem to be higher than___D____.

A.that of permanent B.permanentC.that permanentD.those for permanent

外贸英语中, 外贸英语函电 是比较难上手的一部分。做外贸第一步要学会的就是 外贸英语函电 ,这是作为一名外贸业务员最基本的技能。很多像我这种外贸英语根本差的业务员第一天上班要么准备上班!的时间要泯灭大量的时间来找一些外贸函电的范文,使自己在新的工作岗亭上不至于无所适从。着实写函电也不光是外贸英语的积累,另有很多本事可以使用。下面小编就给大家分享一些外贸英语函电 写作本事 。

一、外贸英语函电 写作本事 一:内容轻重有分

一样寻常来说,重要或夸大的事情都放在信件的开头或末尾,并且不能用暗昧不清的主词,比方this、that、they和which等等。如果划一重要的内容要用and来连接,较轻的就放在次要的句子里。比如Because the cost price has increased so we sold higher.和We sold higher because the cost price has increased.两个句子夸大的事情不一样,以是给人的感觉也完全不一样。





外贸函电的特点就是语言轻便精炼,虽然字数不多,但要把想说的都转达给客户,以是就要学会捉住细节词汇。库存不多,英文可以用low stock表达。没有库存,是out of stock;库存富裕,是sufficient stock。很多业务员写邮件特别爱用try one’s best这个句型,客人要早点交货,就答复客人I will try my best to ship them earlier. 客人要价格低一点,sales就try my best给你最好的价格;客人要尽快得到答复,sales还是会try my best尽早答复你。着实用词可以多变,用go all out to do也无妨。





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